vegan veggie pasta salad recipe

Veggie Pasta Salad Recipe – Budget Friendly Vegan Meal Ideas

  Veggie Pasta Salad What a week it has been!¬†We have been working really hard on our blog and the progress is fantastic! It’s so exciting that everyone is loving our recipes. We have quite a few awesome recipes in the works right now. Today’s post is a very simple veggie pasta salad recipe. We make this pretty often around here. It’s quick, cheap, and delicious! With such a large… Read More »Veggie Pasta Salad Recipe – Budget Friendly Vegan Meal Ideas
vegan oreo cheesecake recipe

Easy and Quick Vegan Oreo Cheesecake

Print Vegan Oreo Cheesecake Prep Time 25 minutes Resting TIme 1 hour Servings 8 Ingredients Crust 20 Oreos 3 tbsp vegan butter (we use Earth Balance) Cheesecake Filling 24 oreos 2 tbsp vanilla extract 16 oz vegan cream cheese Daiya or Kite Hill is best 9 oz So Delicious coco whip 6 whole oreos Instructions Let your "dairy" products sit out to room temp. Take your 20 Oreos for your… Read More »Easy and Quick Vegan Oreo Cheesecake
vegan ranch recipe

Easy Vegan Ranch Recipe

When we started removing dairy from our diet, vegan ranch was one of the first things we learned how to make dairy free. Our kids use ranch for everything. We tried a few different recipes on Pinterest in the beginning. Eventually, we came up with our own recipe with fresh ingredients. I noticed most recipes call for dried dill and parsley¬†and those work perfectly fine, but we prefer fresh over… Read More »Easy Vegan Ranch Recipe